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  • Send Our Calendar Events to Your Personal Calendar

    If you use a calendar from Google, Office 365, or Outlook on your desktop or mobile device, you can now subscribe to our school calendar and send its events to your personal calendar software.

     If you have never done this in your calendar, search online for how to import an online calendar to your calendar software using an iCal link.

     Then, just follow these 3 steps:

    1.    On the school home page, scroll down to What’s Happening and click on the icon for the Monthly View

    2.    You’ll now see a “Subscribe” button at the top left of the calendar.  Click on it.

    3.    Copy the URL that pops up and paste it into your personal calendar software


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  • District Board Room

    BOE Retreat

    Port Chester Public Schools
  • PCMS Auditorium

    6p BOE Meeting

    Port Chester Public Schools
  • Supt. Conference Day for Staff

    Port Chester Public Schools
  • HS Band Recycling

    Port Chester Public Schools
  • Labor Day Holiday

    Port Chester Public Schools
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